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Fleet Purchase Analysis

On-highway truck and off-road equipment fleet owners are up against many challenges when considering a new or used fleet purchase. Federal and State emissions regulations are more prevalent today than ever before. In certain areas, contract specs, job bids, project riders and contingencies are taking fleet emissions levels into consideration as part of the award process. Overlooking the impact of fleet emissions can proof costly on a number of fronts.

Emissions Guru Inc.'s experience working with engine and OEM manufacturers, regulatory agencies and emissions control technologies allows for the creation of a quantifiable analysis of options available to the fleet owner. Is retrofitting or repowering a viable option? Does the increase in product cost due to new 2010 engine or Tier 4i requirements justify itself with an increased return on investment? Can your fleet handle a decrease in productivity or increase in maintenance due to new emissions technology requirements? Will a used asset actually hurt my business as a result of new emissions requirements?

Before you make a significant investment in new or used assets allow Emissions Guru Inc. to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your options. Our unique business and regulatory perspective will help show the true value of your next asset purchase.
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